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GMC and IMS are Southern Ontario's leading metal recyclers. We have recycled in excess of 1 million tons of metal wastes and by-products to date.

We believe in being the most trusted source for metal recycling in an environmentally-friendly manner that stands above the rest.

We have an environmentally-friendly focus at both of our Niagara locations. We believe it is our responsibility to take a green approach to metal recycling to help contribute to a healthier environment. Through these best practices for metal recycling, GMC and IMS divert metals from landfills and ensure proper recycling and reuse. It's our goal to help you contribute to a cleaner environment through our recycling and sustainable processes. Our dedicated staff members make sure all the materials that enter our facilities are safely and responsibly handled. We're not your average scrap yard. We are a scrap yard that works hard to protect this planet. Let us put our more than 30 years of recycling experience to work for you!

Our friendly staff will guide you through the process of weighing your scrap material on our certified scales. Payment is processed at the time of drop off by cash.

Both GMC and IMS are your one-stop source for complete scrap metal recycling in St. Catharines, Port Colborne and the Niagara Peninsula.

You can quickly determine what type of metal you have in your possession simply by placing a magnet against the object. If the magnet sticks, you have a ferrous metal such as steel or iron. Non-ferrous metals will not stick to a magnet and include copper, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. These metals are typically more valuable. We accept any quantity of metal and your payout will be determined by the type of material, its weight, and the current market value.

In everything we do at GMC and IMS - serving our customers, developing partnerships, recruiting the most capable and knowledgeable employees, employing advanced industry technology, and serving our community - GMC and IMS are committed to improving our community and providing the best solution for your scrap metals recycling needs. That's a commitment you can count on!

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Accessible Customer Service Policy

Glendale Metal Company
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Toll Free: 1-866-453-0399

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International Metal Salvage
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